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Books one and two in the series.

The Sweet Adventures of Henry P. Twist
Automation and greed have forced master pastry chef - extraordinaire, Henry Peppermint Twist, out of a job at the Brackmeyer Sweets factory and into a dreary retirement home in the countryside. But he soon rediscovers his youth in a land where faeries, myth and magic abound and everything is made of sweets. With the aid of his human and his faerie comrades, Henry takes on a formidable gingerbread-man army led by his ex-boss and nemesis, Charles B. Brackmeyer jr.; a vindictive and greedy man who will stop at nothing to destroy the successful little sweet shop that threatens to crumble the Brackmeyer family empire.

The Sweet Adventures of Henry P. Twist – The Island of Milk and Honey
Someone has stolen all of the Vfilanderbra Blossoms on the Island of Milk and Honey. Tensions are quickly reaching their boiling point. Can Henry Peppermint Twist and his intrepid elven friends solve the mystery before war breaks out on this once peaceful island? This book, like the first, is targeted to middle readers but will be enjoyed by the entire family. Also included, at the end of the story, are two recipes I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

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